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“A wise man ought to realise that health is his most valuable possession.” Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine. This quote is the beginning, middle and end of my approach to healthcare.

I qualified as a lawyer almost 30 years ago. I meet many different people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, social circumstances and ages and they all have their story to tell. I like people and I like helping people. I have always had a fascination for what makes people tick emotionally and physically and the latter has included an interest in human health.

I can’t explain the deep interest I immediately felt for the complimentary therapy reflexology when it first became popular in our western society some thirty years ago but I was drawn to it. In any event I had my first experience of it at a local fair where taster sessions were being offered in one of the tents. At the time I had viral conjunctivitis but the symptoms were not showing and I did not think to mention it to the practitioner. He immediately detected an issue with my eyes, noted my spleen was working overtime and said, “you are fighting off an eye infection, aren’t you?” I was hooked! I have had many very interesting and ultimately rewarding sessions since that first induction.

As a result, over the years, I have considered training to become a reflexologist but life’s stresses and strains meant that there was always something in the way. However, I am now in my 50’s going through a number of personal and professional changes and I thought “if not now – when?” So, supported by my amazing husband and guru Jean-Claude (JC), who is a highly committed and passionate yoga teacher and my inspiration, I found the courage to take the first step in the next phase of my life and became a qualified reflexologist.


Reflexology dates back thousands of years where there is evidence of it in Ancient Egypt, India and China. It is a form of natural, holistic therapy based on the discovery that there are reflex parts on the feet and hands which correspond to tissues, organs and systems within the entire body.
By using unique techniques with thumbs and fingers on these reflex points, the therapist may help the client to relax, to have a more positive outlook, to aid sleep, to relieve stress and tension and to improve the overall sense of well-being. *

Prices and Special Offers

  • Free half hour consultation
  • £40 – one-hour treatment , OR £200 – 6 treatments paid in advance (to be used within 3 months)
  • Vouchers available for thoughtful gifts
  • Please Check the Webpage for promotions on offer , such as Valentine’s Day , Christmas etc…

Prices valid as of January 2019, subject to change which will be notified on booking and/or in advance of the first treatment.

*Reflexology is an holistic treatment and works on the body as a whole to encourage the restoration of balance. It is a complimentary therapy. Reflexologists do not diagnose or prescribe.



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